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Magnetic Technology is the outcome of more than 30 years of constant research, observation and implementation. The research was initiated by 52 leading research institutes in Russia led by Prof. Yuri Tkatchenko, who is continuously working on this technology from the U.A.E.

Our Principal Magnetic Technology derived from research in Russia during the 70's and 80's and since 1995,the research work is still continue from the UAE even after the scientists relocated from Russia, creating the Magnetic Patriarch Company Magnetic Technologies LLC.UAE

MagTech Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd, was created to collaborate and expand the technology in Pakistan with the goal to provide chemical–free magnetic enhanced solutions in every aspect of life in Pakistan.

The Magnetic Technologies Company

Introducing the Scientists & Technology Background:

Magnetic Technology is the outcome of more than 30 years of constant research, observation and Russian Technology developed through 50 institute with over 500 scientists during the 70's and 80's latterly under the leadership of Prof Yuri Tkatchenko. During the early 90's the Professor relocated a small science management R&D team to the UAE and created a long term partnership and the Magnetic Technologies Company with Sheikh Junaid Khoory. During the past 20 years further research and development continued along with expansion into the global market place, with over 50 different applications into various industries and sectors of the environment.

The technology spectrum not only addresses land based solution but also weather modification and atmospheric inflicting technologies, dissipating air pollution over cities, enhancing rainfall in to catchment zones, shielding critical communities from sand storms, protecting transport infrastructure from fog and reducing humidity within cities.

Magnetology is the earth's oldest technology, which it uses to protect itself from the extremes of the sun and for realignment of the water molecular structure and much more; it is the life force of everything living. The scientists within Magnetic Technologies carry forward the understanding that magnetism is a natural resource, that upon being understood and applied correctly can create enormous benefits and contributions to many of the earth's environment, water and food resource and health challenges.

About Magnetic Technologies LLC

Magnetic technologies was established in 1994, based in Dubai UAE with office and representatives in Asia, Africa and South-East Asia (Australis, Bahrain, Cyprus, Eritrea, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Sudan and India).

We have developed proprietary technologies that harnesses the natural energy found in permanent magnetic field to create customized solution for worldwide use in agriculture, energy, municipality and leisure, we have a strong 20 year track record of success and have proven our results in numerous trials, tests and farm applications globally.


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About authors


Professor Yuri Tkatchenko

Patriarch Scientist and Inventor, Chief Scientific Officer

Professor Yuri Tkatchenko founded magnetic technologies and is the Chief Scientist behind the technology, responsible for continuous innovation, technology research development and technical coordination.

An acclaimed academic in Russia, Professor Tkatchenko has been associated with 52 leading scientific involved in magnetology related research activities. Professor Tkatchenko has co-authored over 500 studies into ecology, agriculture, construction, industry, thermal power, food biotechnology, medicine and natural and waste water. He was awarded the title of Professor in 1992 by decision of Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Science, and has been honored with numerous government decorations, including the order of Alexander Nevsky and the Order of the Maltese Cross.

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