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Mag Fuel Devices (Generator)

MagFuel Devices helps in saving fuel, since human safety is our priority, this device can also cut down in engine emission.

Mag Fuel Devices are for all types of liquid fuel and engines.

MagFuel Devices can be used in all kind of Generators (Petrol and Diesel)

Type of Mag Fuel Devices used in Generator:

How Mag Fuel Device Works

Fuels primarily consist of hydrocarbons. The Mag Fuel Devices changes the structure of hydrocarbons as they cross the magnetic field During this process, hydrocarbon molecules changes their structure which reduces the intermolecular attraction. The Mag Fuel Devices divides and distributes the particles evenly thus making the combustion more efficient.

The fact that carbon and oxygen have opposite magnetic polarity means that they are easily fused together producing better and more efficient combustion.

As a result of the fusion of fuel and air, the generators works more efficiently by generating greater power, reducing the consumption of fuel, and minimizing the hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide which emanates from the exhaust.

An additional benefit, Mag Fuel Devices magnetically charge fuel molecules with opposite polarities. Dissolves and reduces carbon build-up in fuel injectors, carburetors and combustion chambers helping to clean up and maintain the condition of the engine effectively promoting generator’s life

Benefits of Mag Fuel Device


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