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MagCap is specifically designed to address Neurological and Behavior problems. Mag Cap regulates brain waves, synapses between neurons and, therefore, provides adequate equilibrium. In MagCap, MAGNETS are arranged in different polarity with an even distribution of magnets to cover the entire head when worn.

1. Efficacious treatment for sleeping disorder

2. Reduces Epilepsy attacks

3. Relieves Headaches & Migraine

4. Improves Microcirculation in head & Stimulates Brain Activity

5. helps stimulate the general condition of the body – so called the “Self-Treatment”

6. The Magnetic Cap is for male & female both of any age group


The cap should be worm for at least one hour before sleep or as advised by your doctor. For more effective results, it is highly recommended to drink Magnetized Water (Magnetized water using the funnel) in conjunction with the cap.



Mag bracelet

Mag bracelet provides Medical affects by the influence of the magnetic field along with the blood, stimulating positive changes in different parts of the body by natural process and helps relieve acute & chronic pain. This is an ancient method of practicing the healing qualities of magnets.

Magnetic Bracelet addresses illnesses such as:

1. Hypotension & Hypertension

2. State of Anxiety and Stress

3. Dizziness& Headaches

4. Sleeping Disorder

5. Respiratory Disorders


The bracelet should be worn for a minimal duration of 10-12 hours.

Hypotension – Bracelet on left wrist

Hypertension – Bracelet on right wrist



Mag Funnel converts drinking water into Structured and Oxygenated Live water, which is Biologically Active, Lighter, and Healthier and free from Chlorine and harmful gasses. When water runs through the Mag Funnel, it gets a finer and more uniform structured that significantly enhance the absorbing and dissolving ability and improves overall health, gives you energetic feeling, younger look and having No Adverse Effects at all!


Heart Problem – normalizes disorders of the Cardio–vascular system

Regulates Nervous & Urinary system


Blood Pressure

Strengthens the functionality of RBC

Improves Digestion & Blood Circulation

Decreases Cholesterol level in the blood

Stimulates brain activity


High Uric Acid & Calcium Deposits

Kidney stone

Reduces wrinkles

Remove Toxins – expels unwanted salts from body

Reduces the pain of arthritis


All you have to do is to simply pass your drinking water through Mag Funnel and instantly get magnetized, biologically active water



Magnetic Hairbrush is based on the influence of brush metal tips, penetrating from inside of the brush, magnetic fields act on the biologically active points of the bead.

It stimulates the blood supply to the scalp, giving lovely, thick, healthy and shiny hair. Also promotes better hair growth and prevents your hair from falling.

It gives your hair healthy look

Reduces and prevents dandruff formation

Makes your hair longer & stronger

The backside of the brush can be used for massage. Stroking backside of the brush around different parts of the body helps overcome tiredness and relieves pain in muscles.

There are no negative effects of using this hairbrush.

Improves Digestion & Blood Circulation

It can be used by male & female of any age group


Just need to comb 10-15 times each side of the head daily to see drastic change in your hair growth and look.



It is a small strip, especially design for Musculo-skeletal Disorder (muscles and bones), using the magnetic field of permanent magnets on a principle of uniting medical & non-medical methods.

It relieves back muscles, joints & spine pain

It normalizes the functionality if Heart, Lungs, stomach & intestinal activity

Relieves fatigue & tiredness

Reduce muscle stress, and normalizes metabolic functioning

Strip Belt relieves back muscles, joints & spine pain.


The mag strip comes with an adjustable belt and should be placed at the affected area of the body. The duration of the treatment is 30-60 minutes twice a day.

For severe pain, it is recommended to wear the strip throughout the day. Mag Strip Belt relieves back muscles, joints & spine pain.



PROFESSOR (BASMIR) is a non-medicinal Mag Applicator (Unit) which is used to regulate blood pressure – High Blood & Low Blood Pressure. It normalizes the effects in both cases.

It also normalizes the heart rate and useful for the treatment of Angina

Efficacious for the treatment of arteriosclerosis (Thickening, hardening and loss of elasticity of the walls of arteries), vascular dystonia, and Cardio sclerosis

It speeds up the healing of tissues in the areas of surgical stitches, open injuries, ulcer, cuts, fractures, burns and wounds


The device is recommended to be kept permanently in the chest pocket, close to heart.


People having Stent should not use PROFESSOR (BASMIR) Unit.

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