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“Mag Green Devices structures the water and breaks down minerals into smaller particles to provide adequate hydration with greater nutrients uptake resulting in superior and larger yields, earlier maturation, longer shelf life and healthier plants. It allows a reduction of amount of water needed, fertilizers and pesticides.”

Benefits of using Mag Green Devices

Structured water enhances the beauty, fragrance and scenery of lawns and flower’s bed

Structured water through Mag Green Devices give new life to plants and grass grown in lawn by hydrating every cell of plant.

Using Structured water results in rapid plant growth

Structured water helps plants grow naturally without using expensive fertilizer.

Structured water Enable soil desalination

Protect the Environment

Structured water through Mag Green Devices help you use less water for landscape, irrigation, cut electricity bill, usage of fertilizer and pesticide to make a long lasting contribution to our environment.

Benefit throughout Your Home

For BathroomFor Kitchen

  • Reduces scaling in pipe and shower
  • Enhances efficiency of water for cooking and cleaning
  • Magnetized water is known to benefit skin & hair
  • Improves taste of food and beverages
  • Reduces bathroom smell
  • Reduce scales buildup in your appliances for longer life
  • Saves upto 30% washing powder / soaps / detergents in your kitchen.

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