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“We owe it to ourselves, our families, our people and the world.”

MagTech Pakistan is committed to provide genuine services by embracing diversity and inclusion as business imperatives. Our aim is to bring revolution in Pakistan through water resource management by holding water as a priority to create a future that allows everyone to live healthy, prosperous and dignified lives.

Our Mission is to:

  • Improve quality of life for Bio Habitat by Chemical-free Technology
  • Make agriculture affordable and sustainable
  • Improve quality of life through Structured Water
  • Make industries viable by cutting costs

More than 90% of the future urbanization will happen in developing countries, resulting in a huge increase in global habitat, which in turn will result in increasing water demand. Our goal is to save sweet Biologically Active Water for drinking purpose and livelihood for millions.



Mr. Mir Mazher Talpur was deeply concerned about Saline and Waterlogged land and was seeking Chemical-Free but permanent solution in Agriculture. He was with believe that the balanced use of resources are vital for prosperity.

In his search for knowledge and quest, he was fortunate to come into contact with world renounced Prof. Yuri Tkatchenko and Sheikh Junaid Khoori inventors of innovative technology of Magnetology.

He is the pioneer of bringing this state of the art technology in Pakistan to change the future of Pakistan, primarily by making agriculture possible on salty water and high pH river water.

In 2014:

MagTech Pakistan was officially launched in Karachi-Pakistan. Infrastructure was designed and implemented. Research material was gathered from principle and arranged in to marketing strategies. Technical and Managerial executives hired.

In 2015:

Launched Mag Green Devices in Dawn Expo – Lahore March 2015. Introducing agriculture on salty water for the first time in Pakistan.

Established Representation in Punjab

Participated in BOI Exhibition Karachi-May 2015

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