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The magnetic treatment does not alter the chemistry of the water except in a physical way. It works by converting the hard form of minerals to a softer form. It uses neither salts nor chemicals for its operation and does not pollute the environment in any way. The magnetic water is beneficial for plants, flowers, lawns, and vegetables of all types. Many are used in golf courses and nurseries. Customers report an increase in both growth and health of plants and landscapes.

Magnetic fuel modifier and Mag-Device help to save the environment Carbon dioxide is the end result of energy usage. The current concern over climate change indicates that regulations will be instituted around CO2 releases into the atmosphere. The more efficiently we use energy, the less carbon dioxide generated. In addition, the reduced dependence on strong chemicals such as lime scale dissolvers and drain cleaners will further ease the pollution level of our water supplies.

Hydro-magnetic system “Y.T- 2″ is used to treat seas and lakes with magnetic fields. Its aim is:

  • Neutralization of hydrogen sulphide concentrations
  • Desalination of waters that have high salt content
  • Increase of reproduction in fish and sea microorganisms
  • Renewal of ecological balance of coastal and deep waters?
  • Magnetic treatment of water changes the structure of water by improving many of its properties. In case of cleaning a lake, how magnetic treatment of lake water would remove microorganisms of the water?
  • How magnetic treatment of water helps to remove fouling from water?
  • With the increase oxygen content in water, there would be more microorganisms (BOD, COD and bacteria). Would it happen after magnetic treatment of water?
  • How long the magnetic treatment of water in a lake would be effective?
  • Magnetic treatment adds Oxygen in water. In nature, 20% oxygen is dissolved in water. If we are adding 10% more oxygen, then how this oxygen is added into water and through which phenomenon (Bonding, absorption, etc)?
  • What are the processes (physical and chemicals) while cleaning a lake?

Installation of magnetic air-spray generators in the area will:

  • Significantly change the ion balance within the radius of at least 500 meters from the place of installation.
  • The air will become fresh; it will be saturated with oxygen and negatively charged particles, which is very beneficial for human health.

Physical-chemical characteristics and physiological properties of magnetic hydro-aero-ionization Two centuries ago Traless (1786) described the phenomenon of electricity formation nearby waterfalls. One hundred years later Lennard (1892) found out that while being sprayed water drops acquired positive charge and negative ions were kept in the air. In science that phenomenon was called balloelectric effect.

While performing, hydro-aero-ionization, both types of ions get formed: atmospheric ions and hydro-ions. It is possible to artificially reproduce hydro-ions with the help of a special magnetic system designed by Magnetic Technology.

From the scientific point of view, air ionization can be explained by conditions at which positive ions get formed by removing electron from the neutral molecule. Negative ions are formed not only by adding the electron, separated from the nitrogen molecule, to another neutral molecule, but also in the result of its capturing by the neutral molecule with larger ionization potential and electron affinity. Such a molecule in free atmosphere, according to E.A.Chemyavsky, should be an oxygen molecule. Basics of the mechanism of arising in the air of positive ions of nitrogen and negative oxygen ions are provided in detail in the book by an Indian author S.K. Mitra (1955) and contributed by further research of various scientists.

In general, modern concepts are based on ionizing effect of radioactive space rays, assisting formation of light gas ions, like ions of oxygen and nitrogen. In nature local Lennard’sballoelectric effect happens at water spray in water-falls, near Mountain Rivers and powerful fountains.

Abundance of fountains spraying life-giving water in squares and parks has been always considered one of the most important ecological factors in large cities. Usually, as an architectural decoration, fountains were constructed not only in hot climate but in northern cities as well. Picturesque fountains and cascades of Petergof (Russia), in Naples (Italy), Versailles (France) are famous all over the world. Enjoying coolness nearby fountains, people felt surge of cheerfulness, lift of their spirits, and release from nervous stress. It was noticed long ago that sitting near storming sea waves helps in breath deepening, acquiring general calmness, and decline of high blood pressure. According to doctors, sea at storm is a “gigantic inhaler”.

Attention of scientists, studying influence of sprayed water drops on organism under experimental and natural conditions, was drawn by the fact that general state of both – ill and healthy people – improved. Even the initial research of the 1930s showed that changes in the functional state of the organism could not be explained by psychological influence only though that factor played a certain role. The mechanism of hydro-aero-ionization action was substantially embellished by further observations.

In 1956, the First International Congress in Bioclimatology was held in Vienna where problem of aero-ionization was discussed. In 1960, there was Second Congress in London. Later problems of hydro-aero-ionization were studied at many congresses, conferences, symposiums held in Russia and in the other countries. Special attention in Germany, USA and other countries was paid to studies in designing aerosol generators that were widely used in hygienic purposes at various productions (Krupp’s plants, mines, porcelain industry, etc.) and also in medicine.

During hydro-aero-ionization, spraying air stream knocks out several hundreds of water molecules from a water drop. These water molecules are negatively charged. The finest drops soar in the air transferring their additional electrical properties whilst positively charged heavy drops subside down. Thus, both positive (n+) and negative (n-) ions arise and their ratio can be characterized by the formula:

K = n + /n –

K – Unipolarity coefficient?

Ion concentration in 1cm3 equals to the sum of positive and negative ions.

In nature, the value of the unipolarity coefficient usually exceeds 1. However, values of n +, n – and K are not constant and are subjected to noticeable variation provided by different reasons.

Indices brought in literature cannot be used in comparison as the figures were taken without considering similarity of conditions. In general, we may note that the unipolarity coefficient is within a limit of 1.10 – 1.45 in large cities but it is considerably below 1, up to 0.38, near the sea and, especially, mountain rivers.

As an example, we will consider observations made by Nicolay A. Gavrikov in Sochi which clearly demonstrated how significantly average values of some indices of ion composition of the air in certain can vary during the same periods but in different years.

Fig. 1. Chang in the Unipolarity Coefficient of the Atmospheric Ionization in February 1993 and 1994 (1.00 p.m.)

Table 1: Air Ionization at the Sochi Seashore during 1993 (Information Provided by Meteorological Station)


Observations were carried out near the sea, on a pebble shore, that’s why the average unipolarity coefficient practically did not exceed 1.00 and varied within a limit from 0.71 to 0.97. The lowest figures were observed in August (0.62-0.79), September (0.71-0.76) and October (0.85-0.97).

Table 2: Difference in Air Ionization at the Resort of Sochi during Warm & Cold Periods of the First Half of the Year (1993)


Annual average concentration of ions in Sochi equals to 598. The concentration is higher during cool half of the year than during the warm half: 665/532. Greater concentration of ions is noticed at small hours of the morning and noon throughout a year (Table 2).

Significant differences in the air ionization indices can be distinguished depending on passing various air masses. The lowest unipolarity coefficient in Sochi was registered in the air masses of temperature zones of sea origin during noon hours (Table 3).

Table 3: Ion Composition of Air in Air Masses of Different Origin during Noon Hours, Sochi, 1993 (Information of Meteorological Station)


Frontal processes also interfere with ionization of the air and during the period of cold frontal and larger ion concentration (1067) was observed than during period of warm front and occlusion (Table 4).

Table 4: Changing of Ion Air Composition in Sochi during Fronts Passing During Noon Hours, 1993

Clinical observations in Sochi found out a noticeable correlation between the frequency of coronary and cerebral vascular disturbances (fits of hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, and infarct) and intensified cyclone activity and increased ionization of the atmosphere during these periods (Table 5).

Table5: Frequency of Hypertension Fits During Fronts Passing and Under Different Conditions of Air Ionization in Sochi


As it can be seen from Table 5, only 11% of hypertension fits were registered at the unipolarity coefficient less than 0.8, at the same time over half of the fits were observed at the unipolarity coefficient exceeding 1.3. During this time the number of claims from cardiac patients, fits of stenocardia, sleep disturbances increased.


Fig. 2. Distribution of Immune Indices under different conditions of Air ionization

Some oppression of immune relatively was noticed at increasing the unipolarity coefficient within the limits of 1.2-2.0 (Fig.2).

While studying the influence of air ionization on human organism, there were several possible ways found.

  • Firstly, charges can penetrate into blood by filtration;
  • Secondly, aero ions transfer their charges to alveolar wall in lungs with further penetration of the charge into blood;
  • Thirdly, accumulation of aero ions in lung alveoli may probably induce electrical phenomena in blood.

Possibility of combination of two or even three ways mentioned above cannot be excluded wither. Some researchers believe that aero ions mostly affect nervous receptors of the upper respiratory tract not penetrating deep into lungs, strong influence is also exerted through skin. Importance of ions’ biological influence on organism is supplemented by a no less significant role of the chemical factor that carries the charge in hydro-aero-ionization. It is known, that water dissociation formula simplified runs as follows: 2H20 = OH- = OH3+. Created hydro-aero-ions which are called ions of hydroxyl (OH-) and ions of hydroxonium (OH3+) possess both acid and alkaline properties. An acid-alkaline process takes place at inhaling: oxidation of a substance in the organism happens by breaking hydrogen ions from hydroxonium and reduction by joining hydroxyl to the molecule of substrate.

One more additional factor cannot be but mentioned – magnetic field that has not been referred to in hydro-aero-ionization earlier. As per Prof. Tkachenko’s project, for the first time in the world three hydro-aero-ionizators of common use were fixed at the embankment of the Sochi River. The hydro-aero-ionizators sprayed municipal water that had been magnetized.

Creation of such magnetic hydro-aero-ion system offers wide opportunities for improving health of Sochi’s residents and visitors during walking along the embankment.

There are different concepts on physio-chemical phenomena that happen in water during its magnetization. Interest towards magnetic effects in electro-chemistry is increasing and the sphere of application of magnetic treatment of water is expanding. Usage of magnetized water in chemical and petroleum industries, thermal energetic, mining of natural resources, demineralization of drinking water, microbiology, melioration and agriculture, plants growing, animal-breeding, poultry-breeding, construction industry, production of building materials, etc. is well-known. In many spheres mentioned above a significant share of scientific works belongs to Prof. Yuri Tkachenko. And at last it’s worth mentioning that hydromagnetic activation of water takes a special place in medicine. Studies proved a substantial influence of magnetic field exerted on many general processes of the organism’s vital activity. New biological and physical and chemical properties were found in tap water that had been magnetizing by special methods. Without going into too many technical and scientific details of experiments and observations, we can safely point out the influence of magnetic field on optical properties of water, ion hydration, electrical conductivity, ductility, chemical reactions, dissolution, coagulation, evaporation and other physical and chemical characteristics.

Medical properties of solutions magnetized by magnetic iron-stone were described as far back as in the XVIth century by a German doctor and natural scientist Philip von Gogengeim who went down in history as Paracels.

Present-day clinical observations and experimental studies proved favorable results gained from internal use of magnetized water for treating disturbances of metabolic processes (salt, lipid and others), coagulating properties of blood, decrease of immune-biological reactivity, etc.

As far as ordinary hydro-aero-ionization in physiotherapy is concerned, then a great number of scientific works prove noticeable changes in oxidizing-reducing processes that reflect effect of treatment on the organism as whole – nervous, cardiac-vascular and endocrine systems, immunity. It should also be noted that hydro-aero-ionization exerts normalizing influence not only on certain diseases (hypertension, for instance) but on healthy people as well if there are any deviations from the norm of physiological indices because of significant physical or mental overstrain. Hydro-aero-ionization can produce calming and soporific effect softens reactions in narrowing vessels; and decrease of arterial blood pressure can also be explained by a specific reflex that is provoked from the mucous of air passages.

Therefore, hydro-aero-ionization has been gaining very wide application in Russia and in other world countries for medicinal, preventive, hygienic and ecological purposes. Magnetic Aero-Spray Ion Generators As The Means Of Solving Ecological Problems In Large Cities And Industrial Centers:

Structure of the atmospheric air close to the surface in large cities and industrial centers is, in fact, a complex heterogeneous system, which includes along with basic components (nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, water gas, etc.) contaminating components, such as carbon monoxide, various nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides, and a lot of suspended in the air hard particles (dust, soot) of different origin. It should be noted that structure of the atmospheric air changes in time and depends on natural conditions of a certain location, level of perfection of industrial gas-cleaning systems, quantity of vehicles, etc.


As an example, Fig. 3 shows results of measuring concentration of carbon monoxide in Sofia (Bulgaria), conducted in 1990 by staff of the Institute of General Physics of the Russian Academy of Science and Institute of Electronics of the Bulgarian Academy of Science. The picture shows fragments of changes of carbon monoxide (CO) time-wise in the center of Sofia (1), in the suburb (2) and Vitosh mountain near Sofia (3). We can clearly see both: stable and low level of pollution of the atmosphere with carbon monoxide in the green zone of the National park and significantly higher, by 100 times, level of pollution in the city center, which changes with time (vehicles’ movement).

Obviously, there could be no universal technical means for purifying atmospheric air; therefore, a number of means should be used. On one side these measures should provide optimization of fuel burning at enterprises and in internal combustion engines, on the other side they should provide purification of air from suspended particles and its saturation with negative ions.

It is known, dust micro-particles present in the air are negatively charged, have insignificantly low mass, and, consequently, cannot coagulate (due to electrostatic inter-repulsion) and cannot settle onto the ground surface without help of rain, i.e. suspended in the air particles should be hydrated. In other words, it is possible to remove dust particles from the air by spraying water around. However, it should be taken into account that the process of sticking of particles suspended in the air, depends on the degree of their hydration, provided that electro kinetic’s potential of their surfaces is equal.

Consequently, efficiency of purifying air by spraying water is defined to a large extent by the degree of moistening of dust particles’ surfaces. The degree of moistening is characterized by edge angle. The smaller the angle, the higher degree of moistening. Reduction of the angle of moistening is acquired by magnetic treatment of sprayed water by the field of special configuration with certain parameters of magnetic hydrodynamics. It was proved by multiple researches in laboratories and on industrial sites. Fig.4 shows influence of tension of the magnetic field on the edge angle of moistening of micro particles, which contain silicon (Si), while ordinary technical water is being magnetized. Reduction of the angle of moistening by 6°-9°, at a certain flow rate, leads to increase of dust-catching capacity by 2.5-3 times.


Figure 5 depicts experimental dependence of dust-catching capacity of magnetized sprayed water on its rate (curve 1 – angle dust; curve 2 – soil dust). Considering the fact that the edge angle of moistening can be reduced by 13° (see Fig.2), it means that dust-catching capacity of magnetized sprayed water can be increased approximately by 10 times.

Let’s consider another effect, which we get at spraying magnetized water

At water spraying a great number of drops of different size forms. Specially conducted shooting showed that a falling drop acquires a pear-shape form. Process of a falling drop formation is accompanied by transition of volume-wise distributed negatively charged water particles (influenced by magnetic field) to the surface of a drop by coulomb forces of inter-repulsion. It should be mentioned that density of water particles, charged with electrons, is maximal in the “tail” part of the drop. Mini-drops with maximum negative charge and minimum mass separate from the “tail” part of the drop, while it is falling. Consequently, the basic mass of the drop becomes positively charged and it returns to the ground, capturing negatively charged dust particles, present in the air, and mini-drops, negatively charged with excessive number of electrons, ionize the air at physical interaction with air molecules, i.e. the air becomes saturated with negatively charged ions.

Therefore, by using the method of magnetizing sprayed water, two significant effects, environmentally important, are reached: the air is cleaned from dust impurities and it gets saturated with negative ions.

Impact of Magnetic Aero-Spray Ion Generators on Agricultural Crops:

Magnetized water impact on growth and yield of agricultural crops was thoroughly studied and tested in different countries of the world. Magnetic Technologies L.L.C. owns a lot of scientific material in this domain and it is ready to provide this information to the interested people. This chapter gives only a short list of advantages of application of magnetic air-spray ion generators at irrigating agricultural crops:

1. As a rule, the yield increases by 30-60%.

2. Vegetative period reduces by 15-20 days.

3. Amount of seeds for sowing reduces twice.

4. Amount of fertilizers reduces twice.

5. Water consumed for irrigation decreases twice

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