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DFS System

Since decades it has always been a dream of Pakistani vehicle owners to reduce vehicle’s fuel consumption. Performance of automobile on liquid fuel is incomparable with any other kind of fuel such as CNG or LPG. It is also a known fact that the driving pleasure & pickup of vehicle is compromised while using CNG / LPG as fuel.

Liquid fuel (Petrol / Diesel), in fact, is by default recommended fuel by all vehicle manufacturers companies globally. Engine running on liquid fuel provides 3 times more life to vehicle engine as compared to vehicle running on alternate fuel. Keeping in mind the fuel economy along with protection of vehicle’s engine MagTech Pakistan (Pvt) Limited is proud to introduce a revolutionary Digital Fuel Saving System commonly called as DFS System.

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DFS System assures atleast 10% to 25% of fuel saving for any liquid fuel (Petrol / Diesel) consuming vehicle. This system is suitable for both EFI base engine & carburetor base engine, either 12 volts or 24 volts. Designed digitally to match with any vehicle CPU / computerized car control system make locally or internationally, this system not only gives you an economical drive but also enhance the driving pleasure to an unbelievable extend.


DFS System works in three different directions to increase your engine pickup along with economical fuel usage. First it is connected with CPU / computerized car control system pulse coil pack wire of each plug to digitally assure high power spark in combustion chambers / pistons. Secondly it structures liquid fuel by passing it through a smartly designed joint Permanent Electro - Magnetic gadget, this gadget has to be fixed in between your vehicle main fuel line. To prevent this Permanent Electro - Magnet gadget a high power NEODYMIUMPermanent Magnet chip is fixed on your vehicle fuel tank to reduce carbon particle present in fuel to enter your vehicle’s engine.

DFS System main panel is fixed inside your vehicle bonnet whereas its performance indicator light panel is fixed on your vehicle dash board. All connecting harnesses are professionally fixed along with vehicle ignition system.

DFS System not only provides you economical fuel usage with a rocket type vehicle pickup but it also reduces your vehicle carbon emission which is lethal for environment. It increases vehicle engine life, reduce over heating behavior of vehicles during air condition usage in summer & ensure you a pleasant trouble free drive.

DFS System is a maintenance free attachment, digitally designed for automatic adjustments so that you don’t need to visit technicians for its periodic adjustments.

MagTech offers DFS System with a free trial period of ONE MONTH & a SIX MONTH money back service warranty*. The expected life of DFS System is approximately 10 years**.

DFS System is expected to be launched in March 2016. Book THE MAGICAL FUEL SAVING SYSTEM for your precious vehicle today at (------------------) as stock will be limited & offered only on first come first serve basis.



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